Minutes 2018

February 27, 2018 - 6:00 pm
Executive Meeting

  1. Call to order 

  2. Routine Business
    1. Minutes of Executive Meeting Jan. 23
    2. Approval of minutes
    3. Business arising from the minutes
    4. Treasurer’s report
    5. Approval of Treasurer’s report
  1. New Business
    1. Hockey season overview – Kelly
    2. Date of year end recognition evening/potluck supper
    3. Recognition for the Minor Sports Day and Initiation Tournament
      1. It is important for all to realize how important such events are or future ones could be to our minor hockey association & community, and most importantly providing healthy opportunities for youth to be physically active having fun with hockey
      2. Discussion of what some of the funds from such events could go towards (eg. skill development instructors, tools, kidsport? etc)
    4. Hockey Alberta changes and hockey Canada changes that are being implemented to initiation, novice and now potentially atom age groups ( ½ ice, ¾ ice, provincials)
      1. Due to the changes to novice, there is a group of individuals who are putting together a ½ wall divider sponsorship program. What is the Executive’s opinions, ideas etc
    5. Briefing of incident that necessitates us implementing new policies re conduct
    6. Ideas of how we can get a parent from each hockey family to be present at our AGM in September
  1. Other Business

  2. Adjournment

*Note: please remember to promote positive talk within the community. Potential contentious issues need to be conversed from an informed position and based on fact. Just because something has always been done a certain way, does not necessarily mean it remains the best/more appropriate way with the changes that have occurred within hockey. If there is negative talk, perhaps encourage people to think of solutions to the issue/problem that they have identified and also to get involved within the Association which is the agency to implement potential change for the better of all. People within the Association are volunteers. We currently have two excellent leaders of the association, Kelly and Tyler, who, in my opinion, are to be commended for the work that they have done thus far. Taking on these positions is like taking a drink from a fire hose…there is a lot to learn and it is always challenging to manage people who are quick to judge and who don’t want to put in the time & effort for the betterment of all. If we all work at reminding others of this, we will continue to get stronger & stronger and therefore more successful for our youth Our homework – have read the policies that I emailed earlier. (SR)

Minutes 2018

January 23, 2018 - 8:00 pm, Hughenden Arena
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Minutes

In Attendance:

HMHA Executive: Kelly Sayer, Tyler Larson, Jennifer Johnson, Susan Reynolds, Doug Dambrowsky, Barry Wahlstrom, Miranda Holte, Guest Ryan Duffett

Kelly Sayer brought the meeting to order at 8:15 PM

Issue to be discussed – incidents of parent and fan abusive behavior and trend of this behavior becoming a problem in our organization. Another separate incident occurred on January 20th, but it has been resolved between the two individuals involved.

Meeting moved in camera at 8:20 PM

Meeting moved out of camera at 8:35 PM

Jennifer Johnson explained what the process is to deal with such incidents through contacting and seeking advice from Hockey Alberta. She has filed a letter with Hockey Alberta re the incidents of January 19th and January 21st. Jennifer reported that Hockey Alberta wishes to guide the process, they are NOT an appeal committee, nor do they deal directly with such incidents. It is our role.

Discussion occurred re how the executive has communicated expectations pertaining to conduct. Each family has to do the mandatory Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport on-line program and there are signs in the arena. As an executive, we decided that we have to come up with policies pertaining to conduct in order to be more pro-active in the future.

Executive decided that they need to deal with these as two separate matters: conduct of a parent and conduct of a fan.

Jennifer reported that the two people connected to these incidents have been informed that they are not to have any contact with the Atom team in any way until further notice. This matter will be dealt with as timely as possible. This process will be carried forward.

Jennifer stated that we need an investigator, and we need a 3 person discipline committee. It was decided that Jennifer will be the investigator as she has started the process and Ryan Duffett, Barry Wahlstrom and Susan Reynolds will be the discipline committee. It was also decided that a hearing needs to occur in person, separately, in order that the two individuals (parent and fan) involved have an opportunity to state their position. We agreed that it is important to ONLY deal with the events on Jan 19 and Jan 21 and not any other past issues.

Jennifer has statements from the Atom coach, Wade Lomheim. She will also gather statements from the other coaching staff – Ginette Fletcher and Brandon Penman and perhaps manager Joe Foster. Ryan will contact the refs and find out if there were any interruptions in the game. Jennifer will also seek other statements from reliable witnesses.

Hearing date is set for 8:00 PM, Monday January 29, half hour each, for the two individuals. The discipline committee will meet with the investigator on January 30 to finalize a decision. These dates are suggested, and will be confirmed by Jennifer once she contacts the two individuals.

The Executive has deemed that Kelly has done due diligence thus far this season, and recognize that this is his ‘rookie’ season as president...he had and has lots to learn.

The Executive will meet again, before season wind-up specifically to address development of guidelines and policy for next season. We need a code of conduct for all stakeholders. In addition the proper formal process of dealing with a complaint – proper chain of communication.

Barry provided a copy of the Battle River guidelines and policies. Susan will go through and make recommendations to the executive prior to setting a meeting.

Susan was asked to send out a reminder to directors that they are to pass on to team managers to remind stakeholders about conduct prior to play-offs.

Meeting adjourned by Kelly at 9:05 PM

Minutes 2017

September 5, 2017
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Annual General Meeting

Call to Order – Secretary-Treasurer Susan Reynolds called the meeting to order at 7:15pm, as neither President Rick Sather nor Vice-President Brandon Penman was in attendance.  Jennifer Johnson recorded the meeting minutes.

Minutes of the Last Meeting – Susan read her minutes from the 2016 AGM, and moved her minutes be accepted as presented.  2nd by Corey Johnson – all in favor – carried.

Treasurer's Report – Susan circulated copies of HMHA's approved financial statements for 2016, and made a few comments.  She notes the casino account is virtually drained, and thanked the Wahlstrom, Torpe, Johnson, and Hope families for sending workers to the Association's 2nd casino Aug.25-26 2017.  Barry Wahlstrom asked about the audited statement, regarding some leftover dollars from when the new trophy cabinet was built. Susan made a general comment about the state of the Association's finances, in that the books show we broke even last year.  Barry pointed out the finances would be 10 thousand dollars in the hole, had it not been for a raffle fundraiser.  Discussion ensued over whether hockey fees should go up, and whether casino funds would help balance things out without raising those fees.  Susan plans to apply again for the West End Recreation grant, and ask for $10,000.  She moved her report be accepted as presented - 2nd by Barry Wahlstrom – all in favor – carried.

Business Arising from the Minutes – Theresa Wahlstrom asked if written agreements between Hughenden and Hardisty Minor Hockey Associations were ever obtained, regarding the sharing of players and combining of teams.  Susan said those agreements were never made formally in writing, only verbally, and entered into the minutes of each respective Association's minutes.

Committee Reports – none

New Business – Aaron Gramlich spoke on behalf of the Hughenden Ag Society, and announced the new arena sound system will be installed later this month.  He estimates the ice will go in sometime around October 10th.  He answered a few questions about last year's problems with the time clock, and says there are replacement parts on hand to fix the clock if we experience the same problems this year, also that a clock part that was getting wet and causing malfunctions, has been dealt with.  Work bees to get the arena cleaned up and the ice in, will be announced as dates are decided on. Susan asks if it might be a good idea to send high school phys ed classes over to help with some of these tasks.  Aaron also announced that Vince Seeger will stay on as the arena caretaker. 

League and Association Business -

Doug Dambrowsky reports that Killam is running the Battle River League this year.  He advised that Novice and Initiation Directors need to attend the upcoming meeting to help make the schedule.

Hockey Alberta has announced plans to move Novice to a partial ice surface, similar to the current Initiation program, but not for this year.

Hughenden will re-enter the NEAHL this year, as the NCMHL has folded.  Barry comments that the league meeting is usually in late September, with Directors/Managers in attendance to make the schedule. 

Respect in Sport must now be completed by hockey parents every four years, and the old Speak Out course is no longer accepted by Hockey Alberta.

Hughenden will host a referee clinic November 4th at the arena and the school.  Ryan Duffet has agreed to continue as our referee assignor. 

Nominations and Election of Executive -

For President – Aaron Gramlich nominates Kelley Sayer, 2nd by Jeff Redekop.  Nominations cease, Kelly accepts the position.

Vice President – Susan Reynolds nominates Tyler Larson, 2nd by Jeff Redekop.  Wade Lomheim nominates past president Rick Sather as Vice President.  Nominations cease, Tyler accepts the nomination.

Secretary-Treasurer – Susan Reynolds agrees to continue on in the position.

Equipment Manager – Tyler Larson agrees to continue on in the position.

Ice Convenor – Doug Dambrowsky agrees to continue in this position.

Registrar – Jennifer Johnson agrees to continue in the position.

Directors -

  • Initiation – Miranda Holte
  • Novice – Ashley Holte
  • Atom – Wade Lomheim
  • Peewee – Travis Peacock
  • Bantam – Doug Dambrowsky
  • Midget – Barry Wahlstrom
  • Midget Girls – Corey Johnson

Miranda Holte comments that there aren't enough initiation jerseys. 

Treasurer's honorarium – Marion Johnson moves we continue paying Susan Reynolds $100 per month for her work as the Association's Secretary-Treasurer.  2nd by Marc Robitaille.  All in favor – carried.

Barry Wahlstrom suggests we leave the hockey fees at the current level for this season, as we increased each age group by $50 last year.  Discussion ensued regarding holding more 50/50's, with Directors and Managers taking initiative and contacting Susan to arrange the license with Alberta Gaming, on a weekend when there will be a good crowd, ie playoffs. 

LCSG – Jennifer commented that as far as she was aware, the booth ran smoothly last season.  People who needed to arrange a replacement did so with the help of LCSG members, and no caution cheques were cashed. 

Corey Johnson made some remarks about our young referees needing the support of the hometown parents, either as fans, or time clock/penalty box workers.  Discussion evolved regarding the consequences of young refs being intimidated and deciding to quit, and the consequences for our association, ie losing local refs and having to pay mileage to out-of-town officials.

Refund Policy – Susan made reference to an addendum to Hughenden Minor Hockey Association's bylaws, and read Regulation 11 in full.  This was discussed and adopted at the end of the 2016 season.

Power Skating – Derek Holte volunteered to be the program coordinator.  Our previous instructor, Lou, is still willing to teach.  Doug Dambrowsky states the power skating program usually runs for 10 Wednesdays, in 2 sessions divided by age. 

The Hovde family has asked that the Association retire jersey #10. Discussion ensued over perhaps having the numbers on these jerseys changed so they aren't wasted, as some age groups are quite short of jerseys. Barry Wahlstrom volunteered to take these jerseys to Armstrong's in Wainwright and have them changed. Wade Lomheim moves the #10 jerseys be retired, 2nd by Travis Peacock, all in favor – carried.

Discussion turned to jersey replacement, and when to do so. Susan says casino funds can be used for this purpose.  Gary Morrison suggests we get a quote for jersey replacement for every team, and for Susan to ask for that amount when she makes her West End Rec grant application.  Chipper comments that in order not to seem too greedy, instead to ask for funds to replace 2 teams' complete jersey sets instead.  Gary suggests going through the midget jerseys to evaluate whether they need replacement.  Barry Wahlstrom moves the replace all midget jerseys, home and away, if needed.  Wade 2nds – all in favor – carried.  Wade suggests this subject of which teams' jersey's are in need of replacement, be put on the agenda for every AGM in the future.

Susan asks if the incoming directors and executive would please leave her their contact information for the website, and for her own records.

Derek Holte moves the next AGM be held Tuesday Sept.4, 2018.  Theresa Wahlstrom 2nd, carried.

Susan moves adjournment at 8:30pm.

Minutes 2017

March 29, 2017
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Spring Meeting

1. Call to order – meeting was called to order at 7:33 PM. In attendance were Rick Sather, Brandon Penman, Jennifer Johnson, Susan Reynolds, Ashley Holte, Barry Wahlstrom,Travis Peacock, Wade Lomheim

2. Routine Business

Minutes of Spring meeting 2016 – as read and moved be adopted by Susan Reynolds

Approval of minutes – minutes be adopted as read seconded by Barry Wahlstrom.

Business arising from the minutes – Merger is not going ahead. Agreement between two associations to work together in order that the societies and casino fund raising is kept independent.  HMHA Rick Sather and Hardisty Minor Hockey Association Jordan Pasztor will do a letter of agreement for the fall AGM.

Treasurer’s report – everyone was updated with account balances. We are sitting as good as the start of the season, so fees are on target.

Reports of Committees – no reports.

3. New Business

a. Refund of registration fees – policy Barry Wahlstrom made a motion to adopt the Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Refund Policy with amendments as Regulation 11.  Travis Peacock seconded. 

Regulation 11  Refund Policy

1. PRIOR TO SEASON:  Full refund less any costs incurred such as, but not limited to, insurance, registration, or team registration costs.  HMHA executive will make final decision as to what exactly qualifies as incurred costs.

2. DURING A SEASON - up until December 31st of the season. If a refund is deemed appropriate, it will be pro-rated to the amount of time the participant was in the program.  A refund may be deemed appropriate due to long term injury and the executive of HMHA may demand to see a doctor’s note.  Refunds should not be deemed appropriate for reasons such as dissatisfaction with a team, bench staff, fellow members, or executive action.  Refunds should not be deemed appropriate for personal reasons such as lack of interest, lack of time to commit, or inability to perform to expectations.  HMHA executive will make final decision as to whether a refund request be granted.

3. ASSOCIATION CHANGES OR CANCELLATION: In the event that HMHA cannot form a team or maintain a team, appropriate refunds will be given as determined by the executive.

4. OTHER: In individual cases involving extenuating circumstances that fall outside of this policy, a refund request may be accepted by HMHA executive.  Each request will be reviewed and acted upon by HMHA executive.

b. Casino – directors were reminded of the upcoming dates in August and to let their teams know so that the shifts can be filled.

c. Donation to Hughenden Ag Society – re sound system – Barry Wahlstrom read out Tammy Sather’s letter from the Ag Society.   Executive decided that they will commit to the sound system cause, but the actual amount will be decided at a later date by the executive.

d. Association merge update – continue to move forward as is. Make a letter between the two associations yearly.

e. Hockey leagues for next year – North Central Minor Hockey League is ceasing to exist. Most teams will try to move into the 16/60 league.  We will go with NEAHL – other than initiation and novice who will be continuing with the Battle River Hockey League.

f. Year-end windup – April 12 Doug Dambrowsky has the Czar Hall booked. Doug and Ashley will do the organizing.

4. Other Business

a. Barry Wahlstrom informed the executive that we will soon have to replace the midget jerseys, particularly the white home jerseys.  They are at least 5 years old.  When new jerseys are ordered, don’t order #10.  Susan will contact past president Don Anholt and find out if #10 was actually retired.

b. Discussion occurred about the care of jerseys.  Directors are to ensure that teams know that water is preferred on the bench and not Gatorade due to the staining.

c. Barry Wahlstrom will type up a manager job description document ready for the AGM/fall.

d. Discussion about social media.  This needs to be revisited.  Policy is found on Hockey AB web site.  Perhaps signs need to be made to post on doors.  Susan will look in to.

5. Adjournment – Rick Sather adjourned the meeting at 9:05 PM

Minutes 2016

September 6, 2016 
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Annual General Meeting

1. Call to order – be sure to have signed attendance sheet
Rick SATHER called the meeting to order at 7:08 PM. He acknowledged and thanked Encompass Credit Union for the coffee and cookies.

2. Routine Business
a. Minutes of 2015 AGM – Susan REYNOLDS read the minutes.
b. Approval of minutes – Susan REYNOLDS then moved that her minutes be accepted. Seconded by Roger FORD. Carried.
c. Business arising from the minutes - none
d. Treasurer’s report – 2015-16 Financial Statement – as presented in the audited financial statement. No questions from those in attendance at the meeting.
e. Approval of Treasurer’s report – Travis PEACOCK made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report. Seconded by Gary MORRISON. Carried
f. Reports of Committees – no reports as there are currently no active committees.

3. New Business
a. Hughenden Ag Society report – presented by President Aaron GRAMLICH
   i. Arena upgrades –new roof on the lobby; new roofs on the bowling alley and entrance ice side; cell phone booster and satellite TV has been installed at the bowling alley; Rick Damberger will be installing a new overhead door and a new outside door on the Zamboni room; matting has been ordered to put on seating; ice plant will be fired up on September 26th with ice ready to skate on somewhere around October 4-6; Casino Sep 19 & 20 and worker spots have been filled.
   ii. Work bees – ice is going in earlier this year. Annual arena cleaning will be Tuesday, September 13th at 7 PM; other work bees will be scheduled to do ice and install seat matting. GRAMLICH stated that the Ag Society requires and greatly appreciates the help of many hands. Everyone be willing to step up once the text message fan out comes.
b. League & Association business
   i. Consort MHA will run Battle River Minor Hockey League – this is for Initiation and Novice levels
   ii. NCMHL/NEAHL – we are in good standing in both leagues. NCMHL also meeting tonight in Forestburg. Working on a system called “Interlock Play” which will help keep driving for games to 170 km or less. We are in the middle of three leagues – NCMHL, NEAHL and the 16/60 League. Doug DAMBROWSKY explained how interlock play is intended to work clarifying some questions that were raised. Rick SATHER stated that we are in a good geographical position for the interlock play which will start the first part of December. Some further discussion occurred. Rick SATHER also mentioned that Sedgewick is putting an Atoms Girls team together.
   iii. *Hockey Alberta Requirements - Respect in Sport online course (at least 1 adult in each household must have it...even if somebody already has the coaching version) The course must be completed before September 30th
c. Hosting Clinics: Ref Clinic – November 5 Hughenden – Rick SATHER thanked Doug for organizing. Is for individuals aged 12 and up. Jennifer JOHNSON reminded that the HMHA will reimburse fees for youth taking the reffing clinic.
d. Nominations & election for HMHA Executive:
   President – Rick Sather by acclimation
   Vice-president – Brandon Penman by acclimation
   Secretary-Treasurer – Susan Reynolds by acclimation
   Registrar – Jennifer Johnson by acclimation
   Equipment Manager – Tammy SATHER nominated Tyler Larson. Accepted. No further nominations.
   Ice Convener/Scheduler – Doug Dambrowsky by acclimation
   Ref Assignor – Ryan Duffett by acclimation
     Initiation – Miranda Holte
     Novice – Ashley Holte
     Atom – Wade Lomheim
     Peewee – Travis Peacock
     Bantam – Doug Dambrowsky
     Midget Boys – Barry Wahlstrom
     Midget Girls – Corey Johnson
e. Honorarium for Treasurer for book-keeping (if position hasn’t changed) – Tammy SATHER made a motion to continue with the payment of the $100/month honorarium and stationary costs. Seconded by Theresa WAHLSTROM. Carried.
f. Setting of fees for 2016-17 hockey season – some discussion occurred. Barry WAHLSTROM made a motion to increase each age group by $50. Wade LOMHEIM seconded. Carried. No one opposed. Wade LOMHEIM asked about considering a family rate. Small discussion occurred. It was reminded that no extra time is given for booth duties; it is the same regardless of how many skaters in the family.
g. LCSG – arena kitchen duties – no changes.
h. Refund of registration fees – policy – some discussion. Was decided to do on a case by case basis that is voted on by executive.
i. Power skating – same as last year? Doug DAMBROWSKY reported that the format will be the same as last year. It will occur beginning of October to end of January every other Wednesday. This is free to HMHA players.
j. New look for Hughenden Minor Hockey Association website – now mobile friendly!

4. Other Business
a. Work Bees – Barry WAHLSTROM reminded that directors are to let their families know and to bring kids to help!
b. Potential Merge Update – Gary MORRISON shared that the two associations have agreed to go ahead with a letter of agreement – Hardisty looks our way first and Hughenden looks Hardisty’s way first. There was a meeting last week and verbal agreement to this was made. There is a commitment to work together. A written agreement will be drawn up.
c. 2017 AGM Date – Derek JOHNSON motioned that the 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held on September 5th, 7 PM. Jennifer JOHNSON seconded. Carried.

5. Adjournment

Minutes 2016

May 12, 2016 
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Special Meeting

President Rick Sather called the meeting to order at 7:11 PM

There were 40 members registered for the meeting. Documented.

Rick reminded everyone about all the ways that members & the community at large were notified – email, mail, website, school newsletter.

Rick presented a general introduction why the meeting had been called.

Executive member Gary Morrison reported an answer to a question that was raised at the Spring meeting on March 30th pertaining to MD of Provost Grants. He said that he spoke with CAO Tyler Lawrason who stated that he thought MD grants would still continue to be given to the new association should it arise as the same players would be members. Grant would still have to be applied for.

Lengthy discussion occurred over the duration of the meeting. Many questions were asked. There are a lot of unknown answers at this point. Hockey Alberta has rules that have to be followed. Information from Corporate Registries will have to be pursued. Information in the form of proposed by-laws would be provided to members to preview. Members were reminded that an Association could not be dissolved until voted on by members. In addition, new by-laws cannot be accepted until voted on by members.

Several members expressed interest in pursuing some kind of a working agreement/contract.

Executive members reiterated that the intent was to move forward keeping the two associations intact as the process was begun to pursue an association merge between Hughenden and Hardisty.

A vote was taken at 8:45 PM. Gary Morrison, Barry Wahlstrom and Rick Sather counted the ballots.

26 voted YES
12 voted NO

Rick shared the results with those in attendance. He also shared the results from Hardisty who were having a simultaneous meeting. Their results:
17 voted YES
4 voted NO

Before the end of the meeting Rick stated that members would be communicated with by email, including the two new members of the evening, regarding when information would be released or a meeting(s) held. The Hughenden Minor Hockey Association AGM was reminded to those in attendance – Tuesday, September 6th, 2016.

Meeting ended at approximately 9:10 PM

Minutes 2016

March 30, 2016 
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Spring Meeting

1. Call to order – be sure to have signed attendance sheet  
Present at the meeting: Rick Sather, Brandon Penman, Jennifer Johnson, Susan Reynolds, Doug Dambrowsky, Wade Lomheim, Gary Morrison, Barry Wahlstrom, Miranda Holte, Corey Johnson
Rick called the meeting to order at 7 PM

2. Routine Business

a. Minutes of Spring meeting 2015 – read by Susan Reynolds.
b. Approval of minutes - Jennifer Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Seconded by Gary Morrison. Carried.
c. Business arising from the minutes - none
d. Treasurer’s report – casino & general account ledger sheets were passed around
e. Approval of Treasurer’s report – no formal approval as not a final report
f. Reports of Committees - none

3. New Business

a. Refund of registration fees – policy TABLED
b. Association merge – questions, concerns. Update from lawyer that helped Killam/Sedgwick This topic was deemed the most important to address. Discussion occurred. The following issues are the ones that the executive will bring forward when two members of the Hardisty Minor Hockey Executive join the meeting at 7:30.

  • Merge would be a benefit so players aren’t released because not enough numbers
  • According to the numbers, the only team that Hughenden has to ice a team is the Novice
  • Suggestion re money – both associations contribute the same amount of money to start
  • Try to form teams to reduce travel
  • Should have reps from both Hardisty and Hughenden re directors for teams
  • Booth would run as is now re the ‘imaginary’ boundary line
  • May lose one of the casinos
  • Need parents to have clear understanding of reasons for the merge to minimize those who will have issues


Read more: Minutes 2016

Minutes 2015

September 2, 2015 
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Annual General Meeting

1. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by President Rick Sather at 7:18 PM.

2. Routine Business

a. Minutes of AGM 2014
Susan Reynolds read the minutes of the September 2014 AGM, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Seconded by Jennifer Johnson. Carried
b. Approval of minutes
c. Business arising from the minutes 
No business arose from the minutes.
d. Treasurer’s report 
Susan Reynolds provided a treasurer’s report and provided all in attendance a summary of the year’s finances. Accounts audited by Ed Carson. Membership was reminded that a $5 K deposit was not for Minor Hockey operations, instead is intended for the build of a new trophy cabinet. In addition, it was pointed out that the referee category was unusually low in expense; it was communicated that these charges were put against our Casino funds. Susan stated that financially we are in good position, with start-up funds similar to what we have had the last couple of years. Susan moved her report. Seconded by Brandon Penman. Carried.
e. Approval of Treasurer’s report
f. Reports of Committees

Read more: Minutes 2015

Minutes 2015

April 1, 2015
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Spring General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 8:15 PM.

This meeting followed the annual appreciation evening.

In attendance: Rick Sather, Quentin Motley, Doug Dambrowsky, Jennifer Johnson, Gary Morrison, Wade Lomheim, Brandon Penman, Barry Wahlstrom,Susan Campbell, Aaron Gramlich (Ag Society Representative)

Rick asked if there were any more changes anyone wished to propose for by-laws. Susan will contact Alberta Registries and find out the process to change the by-laws and have some of the current document changed to regulations. Proposed changes will be brought up at the Fall General Meeting.

Discussion occurred re overdue fees. Wade Lomheim made a motion that all overdue fees have to be paid in full to qualify to register for the next season. Jennifer Johnson seconded. Carried. No one opposed. It was requested that a letter be sent to anyone with overdue fees, signed by Rick and Susan.

Gary Morrison provided information about casino funds in general to elevate understanding for all those in attendance as he had experience with such funds.

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Minutes 2014

September 3, 2014
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Susan Campbell read the minutes of the September 2013 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Seconded by Jennifer Johnson. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes.

Susan Campbell provided a treasurer’s report and provided all in attendance a summary of the account’s activities. Doug Dambrowsky asked about a $200 refund from Hardisty for the Atom banner. Susan confirmed it had been received. Treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson. Susan moved her report. Seconded by Marc Robitaille. Carried.

Tammy Sather gave a report from a recent Ag Society meeting as Janis Sayer could not attend this meeting. Ice Plant service company will be changed to Cimco. $9600 profit from the comedian fundraiser last March. Interviews will be done this weekend for a caretaker. Rental accommodation was asked about for this individual. A proper drain was put in down stairs to hopefully alleviate future flooding. The ice plant will be turned on October 1st. The Senior Jets will be putting up a new score clock. A president is required for the Ag Society and 4-5 board members. Ice fees will be increased by 10%. September 22nd & 23rd are dates for the annual arena clean. Over the summer the MD and Village of Hughenden funded the new fire alarm system that has been installed. This will increase capacity of the arena.

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Minutes 2014

April 3, 2014
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Spring General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:44 PM.

This meeting followed the annual appreciation evening.

In attendance: Rick Sather, Mark Almberg, Quinton Motley, Doug Dambrowsky, Jennifer Johnson, Gary Morrison, Susan Campbell

Discussion occurred over planning for next year. Rick wanted to have directors in place so that he had contacts as the new season got closer. Essentially everyone who is currently a director advanced a year’s age group.

Mark Almberg reported that he never submitted receipts for the coaching clinic he took and to consider it as a donation.

Susan Campbell gave details about the upcoming casino fundraiser. She reported that it is necessary to open a bank account strictly for casino funds & transactions, completely separate from the regular account. Doug made a motion to open this account. Gary seconded. Carried. Susan stated that there would be two signing authorities required for transactions, the same as the current bank account – president and treasurer. Over the evening, 8 names were submitted as volunteers. (Bobbi Lonsdale, Jessica Hope, Charlotte Almberg, Jennifer Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Dambrowsky, Gary Morrison (maybe), Susan Campbell).

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Minutes 2013

September 4, 2013
Hughenden Minor Sports General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:16 PM. Susan read the minutes of the September 2012 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Seconded by Jennifer Johnson. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes.

Susan provided a treasurer’s report and provided all in attendance a summary of the account’s activities. Doug Dambrowsky asked about the donations and suggested they should be listed in order to give recognition. It was explained that the full report had a donation category with recognition, and donators also were given recognition on the website. It was reinforced that we were in a better position now, but would not be receiving the donations we received last year and would also be down approximately 11 families due to midgets ending their minor hockey career. It was reported that MCHA had provided two $4,000 donations. Treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson.

Rick called for nominations for executive. All positions were filled by acclimation. Rick made a motion that the executive positions stay the same as everyone was willing to continue. Seconded by Tricia Strang. Carried. Rick asked several times throughout the meeting for someone to be nominated or someone to volunteer to take on Treasurer position and/or learn for next year. No takers.

Read more: Minutes 2013

Minutes 2012

September 5, 2012
Hughenden Minor Sports General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Susan read the minutes of the September 2011 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Cam Dewald made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Glenn Martin. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes. Jackie and Susan informed that this would be their last year in executive should they be re-elected.

Susan provided a treasurer’s report. There was discussion and questions answered regarding costs of different items. It was reinforced that we ended the season similar to how we started it – therefore our increase in fees had been adequate. Society was warned that ice fees will go up. Janis Sayer reported that the caretaker had had no raise since 2007 and Tammy Sather shared typical utility fee costs. The treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson. Doug Dambrowsky made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Ross Almberg.

Rick stated that Hockey Alberta will require rural addresses this year.

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Minutes 2011

September 20, 2011
Hughenden Minor Sports General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Susan read the minutes of the September 2010 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Randy Flynn made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Doug Dambrowsky. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes.

Rick informed that we now have Society status.

Mark agreed to continue as equipment manager. He reported that we need to get smaller pylons for the younger players.

Susan provided a treasurer’s report. There was discussion and questions answered regarding costs of different items. It was reinforced that we started the season with a deficit as compared to the previous year, and this was going to carry forward for this year. It was reported that an MCHA grant of $4000 was received and a $2000 donation from the Hughenden Oilmen’s was received. The treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson.

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