Minutes 2012

September 5, 2012
Hughenden Minor Sports General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Susan read the minutes of the September 2011 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Cam Dewald made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Glenn Martin. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes. Jackie and Susan informed that this would be their last year in executive should they be re-elected.

Susan provided a treasurer’s report. There was discussion and questions answered regarding costs of different items. It was reinforced that we ended the season similar to how we started it – therefore our increase in fees had been adequate. Society was warned that ice fees will go up. Janis Sayer reported that the caretaker had had no raise since 2007 and Tammy Sather shared typical utility fee costs. The treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson. Doug Dambrowsky made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Ross Almberg.

Rick stated that Hockey Alberta will require rural addresses this year.


Equipment manager Mark Almberg said that no one had talked to him about equipment last year.

Rick mentioned about the website and that information is available on it. Noted that the online registration forms did not work. Susan said she would investigate this.

Elections were not required. The executive was set by acclimation. Jennifer Johnson volunteered to work with the registrar and be willing to take the position next year. Glenn Martin made a motion to accept the current executive as the 2012-2013 hockey season executive. Wyman Pederson seconded. No one opposed. Carried.

Rick brought up new business:

This year as there is a new arena caretaker, there will not be an ice convener. Instead, the caretaker, HMHA president and all team directors will meet as a committee to set ice times. Ryan Duffett volunteered to be ref scheduler.

Discussion of fees. Cam Dewald made a motion to keep the fees the same as last year. Seconded by Wade Lomheim. Carried unanimously.

Darryl Butt informed that there is an Ag Society meeting this evening and new members are requested.

Directors for this season are:
Midgets – Glenn Martin
Bantam girls – Mark Almberg (if there is a team)
Bantam boys – Barry Wahlstrom
Peewee – Ross Almberg
Atom – Doug Dambrowsky
Novice – Quinten Motley
Initiation – Wade Lomheim

Rick reminded everyone that the Hockey Alberta Respect in Sport course is due December 1st. Discussion. Cam Dewald made a motion that the course has to be taken by September 30th or the player cannot be on the ice. Wade Lomheim seconded. Motion passed ; one person opposed.

Question was brought forward could we pay mileage to refs from within the association. Considerable discussion occurred. Rick said that he would look into this.

Rick shared reffing & coaching clinic dates. Tammy Sather asked that these be put on the website. Lee Robley reminded that coaches need certain courses. This has been on the website.

Rick shared that there had been a boundary issue between us and Wainwright.

Jason Hoff made a motion that the 2013 AGM be held Wednesday September 4th at 7:00 PM. Seconded by Doug Dambrowsky. Carried.

Janis Sayer said that the Ag Society was meeting September 18th at 7:30 PM. She informed that they could really use more board members. The Society is struggling to keep the doors open. She informed that Casino money used to last three years, the last one was used up in 8 months. Janis and Darryl Butt stated financial concerns.

Some discussion occurred re when the ice convener meeting was going to be held; Mark Almberg asked if Minor Hockey could get the Thursday ice slot back; it was also mentioned that there likely would be a Senior Jets team; Brandon Penman asked about getting powerskating back.

Jason Hoff motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:15 PM.