Minutes 2013

September 4, 2013
Hughenden Minor Sports General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:16 PM. Susan read the minutes of the September 2012 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Seconded by Jennifer Johnson. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes.

Susan provided a treasurer’s report and provided all in attendance a summary of the account’s activities. Doug Dambrowsky asked about the donations and suggested they should be listed in order to give recognition. It was explained that the full report had a donation category with recognition, and donators also were given recognition on the website. It was reinforced that we were in a better position now, but would not be receiving the donations we received last year and would also be down approximately 11 families due to midgets ending their minor hockey career. It was reported that MCHA had provided two $4,000 donations. Treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson.

Rick called for nominations for executive. All positions were filled by acclimation. Rick made a motion that the executive positions stay the same as everyone was willing to continue. Seconded by Tricia Strang. Carried. Rick asked several times throughout the meeting for someone to be nominated or someone to volunteer to take on Treasurer position and/or learn for next year. No takers.

Ross Almberg made a motion to accept Ryan Duffett as referee assignee. Seconded by Kent Swanson. Carried.

Tricia Strang made a motion to accept the following directors. Seconded by Barry Wahlstrom. Carried.

Initiation = Wade Lomheim; Novice = Quinten Motley; Atom = Doug Dambrowsky; Pee-wee = Gary Morrison; Bantam Boys = Rick Sather; Midget Boys = Mark Almberg; Midget Girls = Gary Morrison

All hockey equipment items that were on the table at the meeting were to be given away. They will be left in the arena for the start of the season.

Discussion occurred pertaining to fees. Rick stated that Hughenden Ag Society Treasurer Janis Sayer said the ice rental fee would not change this year. It was decided to keep the fees the same. Rick made a motion to keep the fees the same as last season. Seconded by Kevin Elliott. Carried. Ross Almberg made a motion to have the treasurer write a letter asking for a donation of $10,000 from MCHA with an accompanying explanation re coverage of the shortfall for this year with the decrease in minor hockey registrants. Seconded by Tricia Strang. Carried. Kevin Elliott asked about supports for those who cannot afford the fees to play hockey. It was brought up about playsmart program. Susan agreed that this could be put up on the website in order to perhaps attract more hockey players.

Sally-Jo Amundson brought up about securing donations from businesses re jersey sponsorship. She shared with all about cheaper prices through the States. A comment was also made about supporting local business. Executive will write a letter seeking support for any business that is brought forward by the membership.

Rick provided information about upcoming clinics. Discussion occurred.

We were also told that Hockey Alberta is going back to the system that a team MUST notify if they intend on participating in Provincials. There is a deadline. Rick has the required forms.

Rick read the new LCSG caution fee guidelines. Jacqueline Manning is the president of LCSG. Any questions can be asked of her. A reminder that one member from each team has to serve as a representative on the LCSG board and attend the meetings.

Discussion re 50/50’s occurred. Tammy Sather made a motion for league and provincial play-offs to have 50/50’s after Christmas. Seconded by Mark Almberg. Carried. The funds would offset the cost of reffing as they have in the past. Susan reminded that proper procedure has to be followed according to AB Lotteries. Preferably she would like to know all the games for the week to apply for license all at once.

Jennifer Johnson made a motion to set the General Meeting date for next year as September 3rd, at 7 PM. Seconded by Mark Robitaille. Carried.

Meeting was adjourned by Rick at 8:25 PM