Minutes 2014

September 3, 2014
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:10 PM.

Susan Campbell read the minutes of the September 2013 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Seconded by Jennifer Johnson. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes.

Susan Campbell provided a treasurer’s report and provided all in attendance a summary of the account’s activities. Doug Dambrowsky asked about a $200 refund from Hardisty for the Atom banner. Susan confirmed it had been received. Treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson. Susan moved her report. Seconded by Marc Robitaille. Carried.

Tammy Sather gave a report from a recent Ag Society meeting as Janis Sayer could not attend this meeting. Ice Plant service company will be changed to Cimco. $9600 profit from the comedian fundraiser last March. Interviews will be done this weekend for a caretaker. Rental accommodation was asked about for this individual. A proper drain was put in down stairs to hopefully alleviate future flooding. The ice plant will be turned on October 1st. The Senior Jets will be putting up a new score clock. A president is required for the Ag Society and 4-5 board members. Ice fees will be increased by 10%. September 22nd & 23rd are dates for the annual arena clean. Over the summer the MD and Village of Hughenden funded the new fire alarm system that has been installed. This will increase capacity of the arena.

Rick provided information about the new NCMHL that will consist of 18 associations which has a geographic range Hiway 41 Wainwright/Consort west into Central Alberta. We can hope for an Eastern divide maybe somewhere around hiway 21 Camrose/Stettler and to Hiway 12. Most surrounding associations in our area, except Provost, have joined. Discussion occurred. Rick will be attending the League Meeting in Lacombe on September 19th. He asked for someone to accompany him. Our $500 bond will stay in with the NEAHL, the NCMHL will require a $100 (don't know why so small) bond and our midget, bantam, peewee, (atom?) teams will be registered in the NCMHL.

Rick informed everyone in attendance about the visit from AB Hockey consultant Marc Neron scheduled for September 10th for coaches. It was decided to postpone the session until a later date in early October.

Rick thanked those who have volunteered to work the upcoming casino in Red Deer on September 14 and 15.

Rick called for nominations for executive. All positions were filled by acclimation. Rick said that he is going to aim for this to be his last year as President. Ashley Holte volunteered to be mentored by current treasurer Susan Campbell with the intention of taking the position on next year. Rick made a motion that the executive positions stay the same as everyone was willing to continue. Seconded by Doug Dambrowsky. Carried.

Rick stated that Ryan Duffett agreed to continue as referee assignee. He also stated that Hockey Alberta is mandating that the referee assignee position be given $100 per team as an honorarium for the time involved. Quentin Motley asked that the ref assignee needs to ensure that adult refs are in place for hockey playoffs to minimize issues.

Directors of the teams were decided at the spring executive meeting. They are as follows: Initiation = Brandon Penman; Novice =Wade Lomheim; Atom = Quentin Motley; Pee-wee = Doug Dambrowsky; Bantam Boys = Gary Morrison; Midget Boys = Barry Wahlstrom; Midget Girls = Mark Almberg

Discussion occurred pertaining to fees. Sally Jo Amundson motioned that starting at Atom and up fees should go up $25 per player. Seconded by Doug Dambrowsky. Carried. The fee structure will be:
Initiation $300
Novice $300
Atom $350
Peewee $375
Bantam $375
Midget Girls $400
Midget Boys $425

Rick informed that this year it was our turn to run the Battle River Hockey League for the initiation, novice and perhaps atom levels. Committee volunteers are Rick Sather, Brandon Penman, Quentin Motley.

Tammy Sather suggested that we put in a bid to host Provincials. Discussion occurred. It was decided to revisit this idea once we see what teams we have.

Rick stated that he hoped that we can offer a reffing clinic.

Discussion occurred about powerskating. Rick advised that the Jets had offered to be involved in a hockey conditioning camp style of mentorship. It was decided not to pursue a formal power skating program, but to see what the Jets can offer. Rick will talk with Jet’s manager Jeff Gramlich further to organize. Rick also informed that the Senior Jets will by doing a New Year’s fundraiser and they will also be selling Jets wear to promote team spirit.

Mark Almberg couldn’t make the start of the meeting. He will not be taking on the equipment manager position again. No one else volunteered. Mark stated that more pylons are needed. The Soccer Association pylons will be given to Minor Hockey. Mark also brought up that in his opinion fees should not be pro-rated, but should be the same for all levels as in the end it evens out over the player’s hockey career the ice time. It was decided to not re-visit the fees that have been set.

Mark Almberg reported that there are 5 midget girls and 3 bantam girls. He is not sure what will be happening as far as team goes.

Brandon Penman asked about the 50/50 agreement that teams that join with Hardisty have to sign. Discussion occurred. Hughenden does not have such an agreement. Other managers stated that they reinforce that they try to ascertain a percentage of team composition is what guides the scheduling in respective home arenas.

Jennifer Johnson reminded about the LCSG caution fee guidelines. A reminder that one member from each team has to serve as a representative on the LCSG board and attend the meetings.

Tammy Sather made a motion to set the General Meeting date for next year as September 2nd, at 7 PM. Seconded by Corey Johnson. Carried.

Meeting was adjourned by Rick at 8:20 PM

Susan Campbell