Minutes 2015

September 2, 2015 
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Annual General Meeting

1. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by President Rick Sather at 7:18 PM.

2. Routine Business

a. Minutes of AGM 2014
Susan Reynolds read the minutes of the September 2014 AGM, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Seconded by Jennifer Johnson. Carried
b. Approval of minutes
c. Business arising from the minutes 
No business arose from the minutes.
d. Treasurer’s report 
Susan Reynolds provided a treasurer’s report and provided all in attendance a summary of the year’s finances. Accounts audited by Ed Carson. Membership was reminded that a $5 K deposit was not for Minor Hockey operations, instead is intended for the build of a new trophy cabinet. In addition, it was pointed out that the referee category was unusually low in expense; it was communicated that these charges were put against our Casino funds. Susan stated that financially we are in good position, with start-up funds similar to what we have had the last couple of years. Susan moved her report. Seconded by Brandon Penman. Carried.
e. Approval of Treasurer’s report
f. Reports of Committees

i. CFCW Critters – November 19
Susan brought membership up to date on this event. Posters and tickets will be available soon. The minor hockey player who sells the most tickets will be the honorary Critter. Membership were asked to let a committee member know of any former Jet player who meets the criteria as presented at the meeting to be considered for the team.

ii. Fundraiser Raffle Quentin Motley informed the membership of the generous donation of a gift certificate by Rogers Appliance in Consort of four days at the multi-person Condo in Kimberly. Second and third place will be gift certificates purchased at Rogers Appliance for $1 K, and two $500 for second and third places respectively. Quentin and Susan will work on the raffle license to get this going ASAP.

iii. Other
No other

g. Honorarium for Treasurer for book-keeping – annual executive review
Rick explained that it had been decided at the spring executive meeting to pay the secretary-treasurer an honorarium of $100/month as no one else will take on the position. Susan no longer has a child in minor hockey and has filled the position since 2010. Barry Wahlstrom made a motion to continue with the honorarium, to be re-visited annually. Seconded by Wade Lomheim. Carried. No one opposed.

3. New Business

a. Special Resolution - By-Law changes as reviewed by executive at spring meeting
Rick explained that the by-laws have been ‘cleaned-up’ to make them more membership friendly. Some items had been moved out of the by-laws because they aren’t controlled by us, but rather Hockey Alberta. In addition, regulations were made to increase flexibility of the association. No questions were asked by the membership. No further discussion. Wade Lomheim made a motion to accept the Special Resolution pertaining to the amended by-laws for HMHA. Seconded by Corey Johnson. Carried. No one opposed.

b. Report from June AG Society Meeting re ice fees, Ag Society Policy re no children in basement & dates for annual cleaning
Rick gave a brief report that the Ag Society will not be increasing our ice fees; he discussed Ag Society Policy in regards to no children in the arena basement due to varying factors; he informed of two work bees – September 8 to install plexiglass at 7:30 and September 23 & 24 for the annual clean of the arena before the ice goes in approximately around September 28th; a caretaker has been hired; recognition was given to Jeff & Aaron Gramlich for their work associated with putting up the remainder of the netting, installation of lighting over the ice surface, referee and girl dressing room alterations, and Kathy Gramlich for the terrific job she did on refinishing the floor.

c. League report (NCMHL, NEAHL)
Rick reported that nothing has really been decided yet. He stated that all members had the opportunity to complete a questionnaire/survey pertaining to this issue and Rick asked for further input at the meeting – but none came forward. Rick said that executive will wait and the decision will be made as the leagues develop.

d. Setting of 2015-16 HMHA Fees
Susan recommended that the fees not be increased as our ice fees were not increased and we are financially in good shape. Michelle Peacock made a motion to keep the fees the same. Seconded by Jackie Ford. Carried.

e. Nominations for HMHA Executive
Was completed after Directors were in place.

Registrar and Secretary-Treasurer positions were filled by acclimation – Jennifer Johnson and Susan Reynolds respectively.

Despite Rick’s resignation letter submitted at the annual spring executive meeting, no one accepted nomination for President. It was discussed that perhaps Rick could delegate some of the tasks if he considered keeping the positon. Rick stated that this perhaps could work but he was concerned about the stresses of the role on top of going to Trade School this Fall. Wade Lomheim nominated Rick to continue on as President. Rick accepted. Mark Almberg moved that nominations cease. Quentin Motley made a motion that Brandon Penman continue on as Vice President. Accepted. Wade Lomheim moved that nominations cease.

f. Nominations for Directors
Travis Peacock was nominated to be Atom Director. Travis accepted. Mark Almberg moved that nominations cease.

Miranda Holte was nominated to be Initiation Director. Miranda accepted. Travis Peacock moved that nominations cease.

The following Directors are in place by acclimation:
Novice – Wade Lomheim
Pee Wee – Doug Dambrowsky
Bantam Boys – Gary Morrison
Midget Boys – Barry Wahlstrom
Midget Girls – Mark Almberg

g. Powerskating/Conditioning/Training – some senior Jets (Powerskating with CanSkate Program – contact Naomi Degenhardt or Sandra Johnson)
Quentin Motley reported that Lou is willing to do power skating again similar to last year – approximately 6 sessions. Rick reported that some senior Jets approached him and volunteered to work with players if there was a desire. This would be arranged likely on a weekend when there was not a game scheduled.

h. Fund-raiser raffle
Already discussed

i. Date for 2016 AGM

4. Other Business

Colin Swanson asked when the league decision will be made. Rick relied that it will evolve and a decision will be made as this happens. Mark Almberg asked if we would lose our bond with NEAHL if we did not go with them this year. Rick affirmed this was true.

Hardisty Minor Hockey is having their meeting tonight. So numbers for perhaps joined teams will emerge.

Jennifer informed that the LCSG had increased the caution fee to three $200 cheques and there is a new form outlining expectations more clearly.

Date for next year’s AGM was motioned by Brandon Penman to be held on Tuesday, September 6th at 7 PM Travis Peacock seconded. Carried.

5. Adjournment
Rick adjourned the meeting at 8:30 PM

Susan Reynolds