Minutes 2016

March 30, 2016 
Hughenden Minor Hockey Association Spring Meeting

1. Call to order – be sure to have signed attendance sheet  
Present at the meeting: Rick Sather, Brandon Penman, Jennifer Johnson, Susan Reynolds, Doug Dambrowsky, Wade Lomheim, Gary Morrison, Barry Wahlstrom, Miranda Holte, Corey Johnson
Rick called the meeting to order at 7 PM

2. Routine Business

a. Minutes of Spring meeting 2015 – read by Susan Reynolds.
b. Approval of minutes - Jennifer Johnson made a motion to accept the minutes as read. Seconded by Gary Morrison. Carried.
c. Business arising from the minutes - none
d. Treasurer’s report – casino & general account ledger sheets were passed around
e. Approval of Treasurer’s report – no formal approval as not a final report
f. Reports of Committees - none

3. New Business

a. Refund of registration fees – policy TABLED
b. Association merge – questions, concerns. Update from lawyer that helped Killam/Sedgwick This topic was deemed the most important to address. Discussion occurred. The following issues are the ones that the executive will bring forward when two members of the Hardisty Minor Hockey Executive join the meeting at 7:30.

  • Merge would be a benefit so players aren’t released because not enough numbers
  • According to the numbers, the only team that Hughenden has to ice a team is the Novice
  • Suggestion re money – both associations contribute the same amount of money to start
  • Try to form teams to reduce travel
  • Should have reps from both Hardisty and Hughenden re directors for teams
  • Booth would run as is now re the ‘imaginary’ boundary line
  • May lose one of the casinos
  • Need parents to have clear understanding of reasons for the merge to minimize those who will have issues


Hardisty Executive Jordan Pasztor and Penny Wurz joined the meeting. Jordan presented information pertaining to a consultation with the lawyer who assisted the Killam/Sedgewick Association merge. The mindset was for hockey to be available for the future and the organizations had to be dissolved and a new one created. This requires a majority vote. A new association with a new set of by-laws is being established. This is the preferred method over amalgamation which requires a 75% vote. Considerable discussion occurred. Highlights of the discussion:

  • Each association contributes the same amount of money at the start. Remaining funds can be dispersed as the association wishes.
  • Gary Morrison will contact Tyler Lawrason re the West End Rec Grant
  • Ice Scheduling – based on player percentage for games (with a suggestion of a minimum of 1/3); practice 50/50 with discretion of the ice convener
  • Imaginary boundary line for getting the arena ready, putting in ice, work bees, running of the booth
  • For earlier season start, each arena will alternate putting in the ice earlier. The arena boards will have to be consulted re this issue.
  • Discussion of a name for the new association.
  • Discussion re jerseys. Sedgewick/Killam went with new jerseys for the new association – however they had the funds because they did a fundraiser. It was decided to use what we have for now.
  • If the numbers warranted, there could be a team in each town ie. Two teams for an age category. This needs to be included in the new by-laws.
  • It was agreed that there needed to be a commitment from both organizations that moving forward we would operate as a team
  • Discussion of fundraisers in the past. May lose one of the casinos. Or could investigate re-applying as a “friends of…..” organization. The new association could run the beer gardens for the Hardisty Rodeo second weekend in July
  • Doug Dambrowsky informed that he has booked a reffing clinic for the end of September

President Rick Sather and President Jordan Pasztor will create an information document pertaining to the associations merge. At the year-end wind-up on April 14th they will present this information and announce simultaneous Special Meetings in Hughenden and Hardisty on May 12th, 7PM. At this meeting information about the associations merging will be presented. At approximately 8 PM a vote will occur to merge and combine the two associations by forming a new association. Each member of the association can vote should they so choose. If the results of the vote are in favor to merge, the process will commence, a committee organized, and a new executive will be formed for the New Association. Both Hardisty Minor Hockey and Hughenden Minor Hockey will operate as is until the process is complete.

c. Review of prospective team numbers for next year – discussion occurred. Hardisty does not have enough on their own to ice a team. Hughenden only has the novice that could be iced as a team.
d. Interleague play for next year – Wade & Brandon – conference call. Purpose is to try to decrease travel, increase competitive play, standardize tiers. Lots of research has been done pertaining to these three areas. Three leagues would be combined and operate as one for the regular season to meet the three reasons for interleague play. Hockey AB has had no input to this idea, even though they were asked. Hope is to have teams play within a 160 km radius to minimize travel. Regular season play with interlocked teams; play-offs against teams in the home league. A non-checking league is also going to be started and this will be tiered as well. In order for tiering to work the pre-season dates all have to be synchronized. Question came up: will be a chance that a team will have to play a team in play-offs that have never played all year? This will be investigated.
e. Facility usage – agreed needs to be maximized and consideration for association merge
f. Esso medals – discussed and distributed
g. Casino – Susan - remaining funds and funds from the general account to give the Hughenden Ag Society the 10 K that was motioned last spring meeting for arena upgrades.
h. New look for Hughenden Minor Hockey Association website – now mobile friendly!

4. Other Business

a. Year End Wind Up – Jennifer Johnson will send out an email with the details so directors can forward to families. April 14th in Hardisty. 5. Adjournment – 9:32 PM

Susan Reynolds