Minutes 2011

September 20, 2011
Hughenden Minor Sports General Meeting

Rick called the meeting to order at 7:20 PM.

Susan read the minutes of the September 2010 general meeting, and moved the minutes to be adopted as read. Randy Flynn made a motion to accept the minutes. Seconded by Doug Dambrowsky. Carried.

No business arose from the minutes.

Rick informed that we now have Society status.

Mark agreed to continue as equipment manager. He reported that we need to get smaller pylons for the younger players.

Susan provided a treasurer’s report. There was discussion and questions answered regarding costs of different items. It was reinforced that we started the season with a deficit as compared to the previous year, and this was going to carry forward for this year. It was reported that an MCHA grant of $4000 was received and a $2000 donation from the Hughenden Oilmen’s was received. The treasurer’s report had been audited by Ed Carson.

Rick asked that future notices of motion be directed to the secretary to be brought up at a future meeting.

Mark made a motion that the executive positions stay the same as everyone was willing to continue on. This was seconded by Darryl Butt. Carried. Need a VP. Decision to be made later in the meeting.

Rick brought up new business:

Discussion of fees. Rick passed around a proposed scale of graduated fees. Discussion and question period. A motion was made by Lee Robley to adopt the proposed graduated fees. Ross seconded. A few opposed. Carried.

Rick made it clear that the fee schedule does not have an allowance for powerskating.

Rick stated that refs will be paid immediately after games. This is to be a dual-signed arrangement. A coach or manager has to sign the payment sheet, as does the ref/linesman.

Rick encouraged players to take skating lessons. Hughenden Skating Club rep Tammy Sather said that they would like to be offering a power program up to and including atom.

Rick asked about interest regarding a conditioning camp. He said that he would not be organizing the camp, but welcomed others to take it on.

Ross Almberg made a motion for Hughenden Minor Sports to put in an application for a casino. Doug Dambrowsky seconded. Carried.

Rick asked if anyone was opposed to applying again for an MCHA grant. An application will be sent in.

Discussion re 50/50’s. It was suggested that these are saved for play-offs or if needed.

Corinne brought up about CFCW Critters as perhaps a fundraiser and will investigate if there is a date.

Discussion regarding website. Tammy will look into the AB Hockey RAMP system and what it will cost.

Request to set dates earlier next year for the general meeting. Dates were set for next season’s Annual General Meeting and Registration. Cam Dewald made a motion for September 5th, 2012. Gary Morrison seconded. Carried.

Rick stated that the bylaws require a June meeting. It was decided that executive attend this meeting.

Elections – Brandon Penman volunteered to serve as vice president.
Ice Conveners will be Rick and Keith.

Corinne and Trina spoke on behalf of the LCSG and asked for better practice times and not such gaps between games in order that they kitchen and booth schedule can run more efficiently. Corinne said the LCSG caution fee is still $300.

Darryl informed that there is an Ag Society meeting tomorrow evening and a president is required.

Lee Robley asked why there are two colors/two names for hockey – the panthers and the jets. General discussion occurred. Lee made a motion to replace future jerseys as Jets and that Hughenden is known as the Jets. His second part of the motion was that jerseys continue to belong to HMHA, not the players. Cam seconded. Carried.

Directors for this season are:
Midgets – Lee Robley
Bantam girls – Mark Almberg
Bantam boys – Randy Flynn
Peewee – Ross Almberg
Atom – Gary Morrison
Novice – Doug Dambrowsky
Initiation – Brandon Penman

Ross Almberg motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:30 PM